Meet Your New Favorite Mask

Meet the copper-infused mask that protects your complexion, your health, and the environment

BY Rachel Winehouse
March 22, 2021

While this time last year we were still debating the importance of face masks, today we can all appreciate what they can do for us. Face masks became an integral, almost ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. But not all masks were created equal.
Many of us ended up settling on the affordable, generic blue mask, accepting the maskne breakouts and the unpleasant smell, and throwing it away at the end of each day (ideally). Too many compromises, and way too much plastic waste. But we don’t have to do it anymore.
Studies have validated the impact of copper as hostile to fungus, bacteria, and viruses. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked copper as the most hostile surface for viruses. Microbiologists who wanted to leverage this property patented a way to incorporate copper microparticles into fibers, substrates, and polymers, and created copper-infused wound dressing.
Copper has another property that makes these dressings even more powerful: copper is also good for the skin, and actually accelerates healing. Studies testing the effects of sleeping on copper-oxide infused pillowcases showed a significant improvement in skin health. In essence, the very materials that prevent infection also treat the skin itself.
By applying this technology to face masks, Copper Inside not only harnesses all the unique properties of copper that the scientific community has used to prevent and control the spread of disease, but also its impact on the overall wellbeing of the skin.
These properties have some extra benefits: not having bacteria flourish on your face due to the humidity locked in the mask helps prevent the bad odor regular masks get. Additionally, as these properties don’t ever change or diminish, the mask remains effective as long as it is intact. It is reusable, washable, dual-sided, and maintains its protective powers, allowing you to significantly reduce your plastic waste.
Less plastic pollution, less money, more powerful protection, and actual skincare. Best of all? The color. Luckily, this powerful element is naturally pink. How often are the most effective things also the prettiest ones?