Face Masks that fight MASKNE

Copper Oxide – just like the one that power the copper-inside face mask – was proven over and over in dermatological clinical studies to significantly improve the well-being of the skin, face specifically.
This is how it works: an on going flow of ions released from the copper fabric not only reduce the risk of infection, it is actually improve significantly the skin brightness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The copper act as an active agent of beauty.  
Copper is used for years in bed sheets and sox and wound dressing, just to name few products,  to create a dual effect – eliminate bacteria’s on the skin that drive irritation and at the same time nourish the skin and foster it’s feel and texture.
In fact, copper is naturally present in the human body and considered an essential ingredient. The human skin, face included, is where about 15% of the copper exist.
According to science, this is a self-infecting mechanism honed by evolution: the natural copper in our skin keep serve us as a bio-bouncer.

Maskne is mask Acne.

if you’re like most people then you’re experiencing the pesky pimples popping up around your chin and nose caused by irritating fabrics and built-up bacteria. Gone are the days of homemade masks from whatever cloth was on hand. That said, we’ve come a long way in terms of mask options to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. From breathable materials to options made with antibacterial fabric, thanks to technology we can protect our community and skin.

Ahead we’re sharing smart and savvy face masks (and skincare tips along the way) to add to your protection pile.

Multimask and multitask with this layered duo. Wear a simple mask covering in addition to the DMH Aesthetics Light Shield, which you can wear while you’re out and about. Sounds like a no-brainer.

Apply a zit cream (or a ~skincare~ sheet mask depending on your skin’s needs) under your mask—nobody will know you’re protecting the pimple!

Consider buying a mask chain to wear around your neck. Not only is it convenient (where’d I put my mask?!), it also helps reduce the amount of germs and acne-causing bacteria spread by tossing your mask on a table or inside your purse.

Spray an acne treatment on your mask prior to placing it on your face to help regulate excess oil that causes pimples. (Bonus: this mist also calms inflammation.)

Above all, wear a damn mask(!), and if you’re looking for one to prevent maskne, Buy copper-inside mask