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Copper Inside

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Think pink. Your face will thank you

Better protection face mask 

The properties of copper do not decline over time. As long as the mask is physically intact (no holes) it provides protection without a need for cleaning. You cam use and reuse and feel safe, comfortable and estethic 

Expecting? You better read this

Pregnancy comes with joy, anticipation, but also with   complexity, fears, needs. The Copper Inside  respirator is the best in class, it provides 5 layers of protection enhanced with the power of copper. Choosing the right mask for you – effective and pampering – is twice important now days

Stylish and Reusable 

In search of perfection, the Copper Inside face mask color, shape and texture were desgined to provide top protection, ultimate cosmetic-grade skin care, wrinkles-reduction effect, and with your day-to-day needs in mind – make-up, hair style, indoor and outdoor

Did you know?


The copper anti-viral properties do not decline over time. So as long as the mask is physically intact (no holes) it provides antiviral protection without a need for sterilization. The mask is self-sterilizing itself using the power of copper.


It’s a good face mask to wear it when you travel through malls, party, and busy city streets. Suitable for people in the haze, fog, dust weather, etc. It not only applies to private places such as home and office but also applies to public places such as school and outdoor.


These Reusable masks in the stylish fabric are contoured for a close fit around your face, mouth, and nose unisex fashion design for both men and women. Copper has been shown to have protective properties copper is woven into the mask’s fibers to help strengthen the mask for durability and reduce odor.

What do people say?


The more you use and reuse the Coppper Inside face mask the more you save the planet! The environmental negative impact of regular disposable “blue mask” is avoided by using the mask. The copper is a pure, organic, natural, element. 

Do you suffer from "Maskne"?

“Maskne” is a new word – born in 2020. It describes the negative affect of regular mask on your skin. Regular masks may cause skin redness, itching, rush and a general sense of discomfort. If you wear masks daily and care about your skin and wish to pamper your face – Copper Inside is the only mask for you. Copper Oxide fabrics proved in multiple dermatological clinical studies to significantly improve your skin brightness,  reduce your wrinkles. 

The leaders in copper tech

The science of copper is highly advanced. Multiple studies, technologies and products harness the power of copper to enhance bed sheets used in hospitals, to manufacture dressings used to treat wounds and to produce copper-infused diapers. The Copper Inside face mask is based on the most advanced and proven technologies in the industry, backed by 30 registerd patents.