What’s the Story Behind Chrissy Teigen’s Pink Face Mask?

Chrissy Teigen was spotted wearing a copper-infused face mask. Why are they better than regular masks and where can you get them?

Chrissy Teigen (model, writer, queen of the internet) posted a story of herself at Barnes and Noble, sporting a pink, professional looking face mask. Immediately everyone wanted to know what’s the story with the mask, why the pink, and most importantly – where to get it.

Well, we’re here for you with all the answers.

The mask Teigen is wearing has this particular cute shade of pink because it is infused with copper. Copper is a natural element, a pinkish looking powder with powerful abilities, mined in Norway. Turns out, it has the perfect set of properties for a mask. 

First and foremost, copper is antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal, and has been used by the medical community for thousands of years. Studies have validated that impact, time and time again, and in fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked copper as the most hostile surface for viruses. 

Copper is also known to protect and nurture your skin, as well as accelerate its healing. Studies testing the effects of sleeping on copper-oxide infused pillowcases showed a significant improvement in skin health, and that copper has a positive impact on the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, and skin brightness. Copper is deemed by science to essentially be a cosmetic asset.

A new technology infuses copper to the non-woven fabric before the mask is even cut, delivering a professional-grade filter with copper empowered layers.

Now, we’re not saying copper-infused masks will get us Chrissy Teigen’s perfect complexion (is there a product that can do that? We want it!), but they are absolutely the best, safest option to protect your health and your skin.

These masks, which were available only in Europe and China, finally made it to the US! Go to Copper Inside or Amazon to get yours!

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