There are just three things you need to check before you buy a super mask

Are you thinking about buying a super mask? This is what you need to think about.

First thing is the fabric. Ignore the brand, ignore the price and ignore the marketing slogans. Focus on the fabric of the mask: what it’s actually made off?

If the mask is made of any kind cloth, be it silk, denim, or whatever fancy textile name, if it’s a weaved fabric – better skip it.
The reason is kind of obvious when you think about it: Holes between the horizontal and vertical threads of the fabric invite all kind of infections while providing a fake sense of protection. Wearing a mask from woven fabric is like using umbrella from cloth or a helmet from glass or a condom from paper.
Just don’t.
Some of the most advance countries in getting the pandemic right – such as Germany – already issued in January 2021 a decree not allowing the use of cloth masks in public.
In fact, for decades doctors in the US are not allowed to wear cloth masks in surgery.

Just wear a mask from Non-Woven fabric – like doctor’s do!

What is non-woven and why should you care about it so much?

The medical industry failed to produce a better term then “non-woven” for the fabric used for medical masks. What is behind the term? The layers of the fabric of the medical mask are “baked” using special machines to achieve a consistent, dense, smooth fabric – without tiny holes and without the vertical/horizontal structure of theads. You can call it “No-holes” instead of non-woven.

Woven – holes.
Non-Woven – no holes.

The second thing you need to think about is your face.
Isn’t that the most sensitive part in your body? Isn’t everybody seeing it? When it comes to skin care, masks can be either the problem or the solution.
Regular non-woven masks (like the “blue” ones) are the problem – they are known to cause “Maskne” – that is skin rush and irritation that may end up as a full blown akne. This is typically a result of poor, cheap, materials, coming into long contact with sensitive skin.
Do you use face crème? Do you wash your face often? What’s the point of doing that only to wear an itchy, akne-causing, fabric?

The solution is to wear a mask that has proven cosmetic properties – a mask that is both protective to your inside and pampering to your outside. One of the most effective skin care cosmetic ingredient known to science is actually copper which leads us to the third thing you need to think about.

Think pink.
Think copper.

The pink-color, pure, organic, environment friendly ingredient is one of mankind best friends for thousands of years.
The reason people wear copper bracelet is not a coincidence or a fashion statement, copper is good for your health, your skin has copper in it , copper is essential for your diet and copper is super hostile to everything that is infectious.
Thing is, there are so many copper masks out there – hundreds of brands just in Amazon.
But if you look at the fine print you will notice – always – that the copper masks are from woven fabric, “with holes”.
The only product in the market that is made from non-Woven fabric AND includes copper is the Copper Inside face mask.
Powered by 30 hard-to-infringe patents, this brand became the top selling face mask in the world during 2020, with tens of millions of units sold.