Antiviral and self-disinfecting: Get to know the only mask that will really protect you in the public space

The effectiveness of Israeli technological innovation has been proven in countless studies showing g its impressive ability to destroy 99.9% of viruses that come in contact with it . Backed by 30 registered patents, and with the enthusiastic support of the US administration, the development that is changing the picture is now taking the US by storm as well.

Stress, anxiety, panic, anxiety and frustration are a small part of the rainbow of emotions we have all experienced over the last period. Since the onset of the crisis, guidelines and restrictions have changed so frequently that it has become difficult to follow. Words like “reducing morbidity,” “flattening the curve,” and “gluing chain” have become an integral part of his diary routine, alongside a pile of masks at home, in the car and in the office.

If at first most of us took great care to avoid gatherings and stay in public space and of course wearing a mask every time we leave the house, then as time goes on we need to have a routine that includes social gatherings, shopping, trips and entertainment. Significant protection.

In fact when it comes to the mask, most of us have long since stopped following its condition or always making sure we take a new mask out of the package. In the end how much can you mess with the masks, while we actually realize that they are not really some kind of protective layer? 

One thing is for sure. While we are waiting for a vaccine that will allow us to really get back to a normal life routine, which can take months and even beyond, the masks probably remain an integral part of our lives for a long time to come, even as we try to get back to routine.

So if there is no choice and we will spend the next few months anyway while a piece of cloth hides our face, why not take the opportunity to enjoy real protection and full confidence at the same time? Anyone who is tired of dealing with the hassle of the subject, will probably be happy to hear that there is such a solution, the fruit of a groundbreaking Israeli development: a unique antiviral mask, made of a unique patented material that destroys every bacterium, bacterium or virus that comes in contact with it. Special or maintenance and maintains its protective ability for 6 consecutive weeks as proven in international studies.

MedCu is an Israeli based company, which specializes in the development of antiviral products based on copper oxide, developed this innovative technology, They are gaining great focus these days and are honoring us around the world with the advanced development, which has been proven by research to be several times more effective than the solutions currently common in Israel and around the world.

You can’t argue with the Americans

Backed by no less than 30 registered patents, Israeli development is already conquering the world, and the positive reactions keep coming: hospitals around the world have already purchased tens of millions of masks for their medical staff, and in the US and Europe they are already used instead of other means of protection.

The groundbreaking mask was also recently approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health, and is now considered the safest and most immediate solution in the field of medical protective equipment .

Dozens of studies and clinical trials have shown that the solution really works and that the mask protects against 99.9% of bacteria and viruses . The most prominent of these was conducted at the University of Nebraska, at the initiative and funding of the U.S. government . The experiment conclusively demonstrated that in less than 60 seconds the mask kills the virus that comes in contact with it .

And that’s a piece of achievement, because not every day the US administration invests so much resources in external research of masks, but this time the mask caught his attention in a way that could not be ignored.

In further tests conducted for 6 weeks, they were able to prove that the effectiveness of the mask is maintained at the same level throughout.

And if all this is not enough, unlike the other means of protection, which do not always allow our skin to breathe, this is a soft and pleasant face mask that does not create skin irritations.

Without thinking about where the mask is allowed to be placed

The invention backed by the exclusive patent, the mask itself is three-layered, with the outer layer and the inner layer attached to the nose and mouth containing particles of copper oxide, which creates double internal and external antiviral protection. Copper oxide has antibacterial and antiviral properties, and it purifies and cleans itself without any need for disinfection or washing. In fact, in the medical world the MedCu powered technology was used for over a decade to fight infections and heal wounds. And now, the company has harnessed the unique features of groundbreaking technology to provide each and every one of us with the freedom to move confidently in public space.

The most impressive feature of the mask is that its protection does not depend at all on us or our form of use of it. Whether we disinfected our hands properly or not, forgot her in the car or on the table at work or whether we kept our distance from others or not, the mask just does its job.

Walking outside without worries – no viruses and no fines

So the mask is here to stay. And if it is a mask, there is no doubt that it is better to have one that not only protects us from reports, but also from every possible type of virus, with proven and well-established research backing. All this means not only health, but also personal and social; It depended on the level of care and diligence of those around us, and this new mask undoubtedly changes the picture.

Therefore, at a time when public space has become a health hazard, this mask returns control to the hands of anyone who wants to take care of themselves without being dependent on other people. It lowers the fear of an unpleasant encounter with law enforcement, all without a sense of discomfort and with complete confidence in staying in public space.

The groundbreaking technology that has astonished the world is just one click away, and you can try it too! 

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