Copper Inside

Harness the Power of Copper
The Pink Value: Protect your health, treat your complexion

Copper is antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal

The antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties of copper have been proven by scientific research. Copper’s unique charge eliminates living elements, including germs and bacteria, dissolving them on contact. This ability cannot be diminished, as this electric charge never changes and never wears off. Copper is a natural shield that is always raised and ready.

Copper is good for the skin

Studies indicate that copper has a positive impact on reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, facial skin lifting, and skin brightness.

Copper plays a prominent role in skin formation and regeneration. Two key properties benefit your complexion: it has an essential part in the synthesis and stabilization of skin proteins, and it also has potent biocidal properties.

Copper is safe

Copper is a universal element found everywhere, from the foods we eat, to the things we touch and even in the makeup of our own bodies.
Medical records from ancient Egypt mention copper and its ability to prevent infection. In China, copper was used to treat heart and stomach pain, while the Phoenicians would apply shavings from their bronze swords directly into their battle wounds for infection prevention.

What do people say?

Reusable and Odor Free

The blue mask is intended to be used once, the CDC does not recommend the reuse of disposable surgical masks. The protective properties of Copper Inside masks do not fade and cannot be diminished, copper is a natural shield that is always raised and ready. Save money and reduce plastic waste with Copper Inside mask.

Lose the Maskne!

Do you develop breakouts after wearing a mask? You’re not alone. Acne, irritation, redness, and bumpiness are common skin issues caused by wearing the blue mask regularly. It happens because the humidity from our breaths, trapped in the mask, creates an accommodating environment for bacteria. Instead of increasing the germs and bacteria exposed to your skin with face masks, make your face mask work for you as part of your skincare and self-care routine. Use Copper Inside mask.


What makes Copper Inside special?

Copper Inside face mask is the ONLY mask that incorperate copper oxide in a non-woven fabric tested for safety and efficay. The mask marketed in the US is not a medical device and it is not cleared by the FDA.  The Copper Inside respirator is in compliance with the european standard EN149.  

What science has to say about Copper mask?

Multiple studies validated the impact of copper as hostile to fungis, bacterias and viruses. The world health organization ranked copper as the most hostile surface for viruses.

In what countries is the Copper-Inside mask approved?

Copper Inside mask is approved in the EU, China, Israel and South Africa. The Copper Inside face mask won the "healthcare product of the year" awars 2021 in Finland.  

How long does the patented Copper Inside mask’s material retain its qualities?

The copper oxide particles are effective for ever – this is due to the atomic properties of cover, they never change or flip. It’s not affected by breathing, sweat or saliva. 6 weeks lab tests done in Finland proved zero decline the  protection the mask provides. 

Does the mask performance reduce due to sweat, saliva, or humidity?

Not at all. humidity sweat or saliva does not reduce the mask’s performance. Even better, it does not require any special maintenance work. The mask properties do not deteriorate if the mask is wet.

Do you carry other types of masks?

We carry face mask for adults, face mask for children, and respirator (FFP2/N95) for adults and children.

Does the mask smell?

No. The mask is odorless. In fact, the Copper Inside mask actually reduce odor! 

Why the mask is pink or brown?

This is the natural color of copper. It’s a natural element found in mines and treated in a way that allows its incorporation in the mask’s inner and outer layers. Copper does not include in the middle layer of the face mask.

How to wear the mask?

Hold the ear loop of mask with both hands. Pull the strap of the mask back to the ear and fit comfortable. Place the nasal wire firmly so the mask covers the mouth and nose.

If you feel irritation during use, replace the mask or stop using it.  Do not use the mask if it is torn or physically damaged in any way as the level of protection will be reduced.

How to clean the mask?

You can wear the mask from both sides. The mask is Dual Side Use. The mask inner and outer layer are identical, both include copper micro particles evenly distributed. .

The mask does not need to be cleaned or washed and retains its properties even when it is dirty. Do not bleach or iron the mask. However, if you wish to clean light stains like makeup please use warm, damp cloth or sponge with light pressure on the masks’ surface, and let it dry for at least 30 min.

When cleaning, care must be taken not to physically damage the surface.

Do not use any makeup remover or detergents materials for cleaning.